Conversation Posts

No Quality or Quantity

Just like my classmates who submitted a conversation post on Tony D'Souza's and Jason Kirk's articles, I don't follow sports at all. While I could barely follow the sports jargon or names in D'Souza's … [Read More...]

Plagiarism at Its Best

I would not describe myself as an expert at referencing other people’s work in my assignments, but I do realize how important it is to acknowledge what is yours and what is not, especially when … [Read More...]

2 Authors, 1 Headline, 0 Problems?

While reading D’Souza’s personal anecdote about ticket scalping in “Even “Rudy” Can’t Get A B.C.S. Championship Ticket” I was engaged and interested in the story of sports ticket scalping. When I … [Read More...]

More Co-Po's

My New Community

When rereading all of my blog posts, a recurring theme was not immediately present. One is about the color yellow, another about Babbette’s depression, and yet another about the level of shading in a book. Finally, I made the connection that my posts are about how emotion can/is exploited or induced within the reader or […]

An Emotional Community

Throughout the semester blog posts seem to vary.  Some of my posts involve race, some explore love, others examine life and death, and some speak about identification.  Finding the connection between the posts through a recurring theme did not come easy.  After re-reading my posts numerous times I found that they all are connected to […]

A New Perspective on Blogging

Occasionally, retrospection invokes a mentality a mentality that fosters regret and criticisms of one’s own work. Upon review of my own post, the comments that I received on them, and the comments I gave to my peers, however, I finish this class feelings more akin to satisfaction, optimism, and productiveness. Blogging has never crossed by […]